Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh, USA regarding China, your sincerity is incredible

We are endlessly barraged by comments from lawmakers, pundits, the press, etc. about the problem of the rise of China's economic and military might.  They seem to think that this happened in a vacuum, and is now just appearing without warning.  One wonders where they have been since Nixon's trip?  Could this be one of the most incredible feats of insincere lamenting in history?  Perhaps these same folks haven't noticed that it has been US policy for decades to build up China's technological might by transferring US education, US advanced technology, and US manufacturing companies to China.  How else do they explain the rise of China?

When Nixon visited China in 1972 the economy was that of a large but an unremarkable undeveloped nation with a second rate military.  But, his visit started the opening of trade for which US companies were clamoring.  The mere thought of a billion new consumers and low cost workers must have driven financiers and corporate managers to a frenzy!  They, of course, wasted no time in taking advantage of this new opportunity.  The following decades saw the transfer of thousands of US manufacturing businesses to China, along with their jobs, and just as importantly their technology.  This has likely been the greatest completely voluntary surrender of economic and sovereign capability in history.

The Chinese played this game for all its worth.  They insisted on the transfer of valuable technology in exchange for the right to open manufacturing operations in China.  They also insisted on the formation of joint ventures with Chinese companies in these transferred operations so that Chinese managers and support professional services would rise with the manufacturing capability.  The Chinese, unlike their US counterparts, were working with the goal of increasing the capabilities of the Chinese nation and people.  China sees a greater, endless China as the goal.  US leaders seem to have forgotten about the US as a sovereign, self sufficient nation as the founders had envisioned.  Indeed, given their manifest lack of concern for the future of the US, one wonders who are they working for?

So, now that China has set up advanced universities to teach the next generation state of the art technology and management, built up a modern infrastructure that is the envy of the world, established a broad industrial base, and secured access to a vast amount of world resources, why would anyone be surprised that they take the next obvious step and enhance their military might and presence in the world?  This certainly was inevitable to anyone who wasn't sleeping.

Perhaps this serves a purpose in itself?  China is the new bogeyman for the US to raise the alarm over.  Thus, the US military must rotate to the Pacific to protect US interests in the region from the US created Chinese military.

Perhaps the folks who press this agenda don't see a powerful China as a problem at all?  In spite of saber rattling over disputed islands, and aircraft incursions and encounters, the Alibaba IPO went off without a hitch on the US stock market.  An amazing occurrence if one thinks about this a bit.  Why would a Chinese company want to list on a US market?  Doesn't China have a market?  Doesn't Alibaba need funds in Chinese Renminbi to pay its Chinese workers and debts?  Currencies are now completely exchangeable and fungible in other currencies.  Its like having one world currency where there are no actual sovereign nations ;)

Apparently, as long as the business continues unimpeded and finananciers and corporate managers are making big profits, the effects of manufacturing and job loss, massive trade deficits, and military adventures are mere annoyances and distractions.  So, leaders and pundits, let's stop the lamenting and congratulate each other on "job well done!"  All goals were accomplished, so shouldn't you be celebrating?

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